- Launching Caucus47 on the 3rd of December 2014
- Visiting Kenyatta Hospital on the 1st December 2014

Our Roles

We serve the three roles of an Mp like other MPs. We deliberate on national issues, the budget and make law; we play the oversight role and we represent our Counties in the National Assembly.
We are the only County Representatives in the National Assembly thus our title of County Women MPs to take on board our country representation and the affirmative action special women seat. As per common parlance we are indeed Mama Counties.

About Us


The Constitution of Kenya provides that Kenya’s National Assembly comprise of, amongst others, “forty-seven women, each elected by the registered voters of the counties, each county constituting a single member constituency”. These county women representatives, as we have come to be known, are the pioneer group of the affirmative action seat established by Article 97 (1) (b) of the Constitution of Kenya to increase the number of women in Parliament in line with the gender representation principle in the Constitution, which requires that members of the same gender should not exceed more than two thirds in appointive and elective seats.

Since our election, we have performed our roles as Members of Parliament (MPs) and reflected on our unique role as affirmative action MPs. At a reflection meeting we held in late April 2014, we reviewed our achievements over the first year of our terms as well as the challenges and opportunities going forward. This document, developed in subsequent consultations, summarizes our vision, mission, goals and values and attempts to set out the transformative leadership agenda of the 47 Women Representatives Association (Caucus 47). It also clarifies our place and role in the Kenya Women parliamentary Association (KEWOPA), of which we are a recognized caucus.


“An empowered society where all Kenyans have dignified life”

Caucus 47 exists to uplift and empower affirmative action groups; foster social change through championing better inclusive development and social service provision, transformative leadership, strategic policy engagement and pursuit of the broader goals of affirmative action.


Caucus 47 is guided by 4 core values:

Caucus47 logo

Caucus47 logo

1. Respect: for each other, our fellow legislators and the people who trusted us with their mandate through elections.
2. Innovation: in the manner in which we seek to solve social problems, epitomized in a flexible approach to development issues.
3. Strength: of resolve, character and commitment to a better Kenya through the contribution that capable women leaders can make.
4. Excellence: in everything that we pursue and do
5. Teamwork: we will work as a team with all members participating
6. Integrity: we will embrace all aspects of leadership and integrity and do the right thing when nobody is watching

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